Welcome to Dayspring Ministries International (Dayspring Youth Centre). This is an International organisation with a mission to give the message of help, hope and healing to Africa and the rest of the world. We have the mandate to help men and women find fulfilment for their destiny. We challenge our audience to say no to mediocrity and maximise every moment to secure a fulfilling destiny for themselves and assist others to do the same.

As you connect with us, you will have the opportunities to learn, discover, develop and deplore yourpotentials, secure a value-adding direction, and ultimately secure a meaningful life-vision and turn your dreams into practical fulfilment. As you attend our seminars workshop and training sections, you will be challenged, encouraged and impacted to maximise every moment to live a life of fulfilment, full of legacy, innovation, creativity, development and productivity of your entire composition. You will be priviledged to participate in community development programmes that will help you realise and release your potentials and giftings as you become a value-adding instrument to your community.


Dickson AJISAFE possesses an MA degree in International Relations, BA Honours degree in History and International Studies as well as a diploma in Local Government Administration. He is currently rounding an MA degree study in African and European Cultural Relations at the University of Pretoria, South Africa-the first MA degree of its kind in Africa. Dickson Ajisafe is the first Nigerian to be awarded an ERASMUS+ Scholarship for studying in Europe, precisely in Germany.

This was confirmed by both University of Pretoria and Konstanz University, Germany. Dickson Ajisafe is proficient in project planning, management and human development services. He has served in this capacity for more than 6 years. Dickson Ajisafe has initiated and coordinated series of human and community development projects in Nigeria and South Africa for young adults and university students. He is an Associate Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn), University of Pretoria, South Africa.

He is also the first and only student executive member of ESASSA and has made progressive impacts on the advancement of the association up to date. Dickson is a member of international professional associations such as: The Council for European Studies-CES, USA; garagErasmus Foundation, Italy; Erasmus Student and Alumni Association-ESAA, Germany and International Corrections and Prisons Association-ICPA, Canada. Outside of his home country Nigeria, he has visited countries such as: South Africa, United Arab Emirate, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Dickson is known for challenging and assisting young adults to develop achievable dreams, visions and goals that guarantee life fulfillment and adding values to humanity.

In this place, you will be challenged, encouraged and motivated to maximise every avenue to live a life of fulfillment, full of legacy, innovation, creativity, development and productivity of your entire compositions.


You are invited to come with your calling, dream, vision, skill, special endowment and key into every opportunity to learn how to fulfill your own destiny and help others to do the same.

This is the ultimate understanding of who we are, what we stand for and what we are capable of achieving-Destiny Fulfilment. We welcome you to a unique global centre.